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Our Committees

Our committees are composed of directors or officers, who are appointed annually by the FACC president and serve for one year. Each committee has its own set of duties and responsibilities which are coordinated by the committee chairs listed below. If you wish to be eligible to apply and serve on FACC committees, join the FACC Michigan Chapter as a Corporate, Patron or Ambassador member.

  • Entrepreneurs

    Lead: Eric Lacoste

    Create a new dynamics around businesses involved in the chamber and attract new entrepreneurs and small businesses with a link to France. Support entrepreneur initiatives, strengthen relations with the Michigan ecosystem on both business (connect with customers and suppliers) and administrative aspects (accounting, real estate, legal, etc.)

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  • Events

    Lead: Kathy Myers

    The committee supports the organization of events through increased opportunities for new and innovative formats, new locations, and communication opportunities for attendees and sponsors alike.

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  • Gala & Awards Ceremony

    Lead: Cedric Ballarin

    The committee organizes the annual FACC Gala & Reward Ceremony, our most prestigious event honoring exceptional guests for their contributions to the relations between France and Michigan. The gala welcomes over two hundred high-profile guests, including top leaders and executives.

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  • Meadow Brook: CONNECT

    Lead: Jon Block

    The committee organize Meadow Brook: CONNECT, our summer’s signature event. The event brings together European American business community around the best French wines, an exceptional car show, and a string quartet in an elegant garden-party like ambiance, at the historical Meadow Brook Hall.

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  • Membership

    Lead: Olivier Morisot

    The committee oversees creating and implementing a membership plan and benefits, communication tools to facilitate prospection, promoting membership throughout the year, and providing membership reports to the Board of Directors.

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Bring your expertise to foster the French American business community in Michigan by joining now as a Corporate, Patron or Ambassador member to be eligible to apply and serve on FACC committees.

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