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France’s economic attractiveness is booming and is attracting a growing number of foreign investors. According to the AT Kearney annual rankings, France placed in the “Top 5” most attractive countries for major international investors in 2018 (source).

Why Expand in France?


    France provides R&D tax relief through a volume-based tax credit – Crédit d’Impôt Recherche (CIR) – and an exemption from social security contributions (SSC) for young and innovative firms (JEI/JEU).


    France is 6th in the world for R&D expenditure, and 1st in Europe for hosting R&D investments.


    France has 1st rate universities and business schools. It is the 2nd country outside the Anglosphere for hosting international students, and the 6th country in the world with the highest number of students abroad.


    With companies now enjoying greater flexibility and security in managing their workforce, corporate tax being gradually reduced to 25% by 2022, and capital gains tax and labor costs both falling, France’s investment attractiveness is taking a major step forward.


    France’s investment attractiveness is founded on a powerful economy – 3rd largest economy in Europe and 5th largest in the world – and various structural advantages, as well as highly effective incentive schemes.


    Invest in a country at the heart of the EU single market and a gateway to the EMEA.

Business France Annual Report 2021

In 2021, France welcomed 1,607 foreign investment projects, which created or maintained 45,008 jobs. This amounted to record growth and historic results (+32% in the number of projects and +30% in the number of jobs) that surpassed those of 2019. These results hereby prove that the Covid-19 health crisis has in no way damaged foreign investors’ confidence in France.

Our partner and board director Business France along with Team France Invest help understand the positive developments in France’s legal and tax environment and discover the help and solutions available to make investments a success and the arrangements for welcoming talent.

They chose France in 2022!

Since 2018, the Choose France Summit, launched at the initiative of the President of the Republic, has become the flagship event for France’s economic attractiveness. Each year, the Summit, convened by the President and members of the Government, brings together hundreds of leaders from the largest multinational corporations at the Château de Versailles.

Choose france 5th edition took place in July 2022. On the sidelines of the Summit, 5 foreign investors were asked: why did you choose France?

Jean-Marc Ollagnier

Karen Reddington

Mark Costa

William Connelly

Luigi Corradi

The information above come from the website of our partner & corporate member Business France. If you are interested in hearing more details about investment and business expansion in France, please contact Business France.

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